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West Point Teaches Lies

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West Point Teaches Lies

By “pyrene”

West Point’s Cadet Honor Code says, “A cadet will not lie, steal, cheat, or tolerate those who do.”

Yet, the administration and academic departments of the United States Military Academy teach some abject falsehoods – lies.

That’s not right.

Consider these wrongs at West Point.

Race is militarily significant.

USMA has an annual Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DEI) conference. USMA has argued for race-based admissions.

What is the military justification to make West Point “look more like America” in the most superficial, politically-loaded, and intellectually dishonest measure of diversity?

There is none.

There is no evidence, let alone empirical proof, that “race” is a factor in the military effectiveness of the American Army. Since 1775.


In fact “race” as USMA uses it, bean-counting cadets, is the old, thoroughly discredited 19th Social Sciences construct of Negroid, Caucasian, etc. dressed up in today’s politically correct terms.

There are many ethnicities, cultures, and sub-cultures globally with significant differences, but the wide-band of races used in USMA admissions for all-American youth are bogus.

For example, what does a cadet whose ancestors came from Pakistan have in common with one whose folks hailed from Korea? Both cadets are “Asian.”

And, so what?

Each racial category has the same structural flaw. The premise is a lie.

However, the categories fit the perpetual victimhood, intersectionality, and oppressor-oppressed mythology of Cultural Marxism.

The categories, like the Cadet hyphenated “affinity group” social clubs supported by USMA, fit the Progressive political identity groups only.

There’s no group for diversity of thought, like a Conservative or Libertarian group. There’s no group for regional, historical diversity like the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

When officers and civilians at USMA recite the requisite homage about “Diversity is our strength”, they act as political commissars in the Red Army. Their mindless chant is more Red Guards than Long Gray Line.

Race matters politically.

Race doesn’t matter militarily.

West Point reverses the gains from the thorough racial integration of the Army since 1948 by teaching a lie.

Climate Change is a National Security Issue.

Climate change is an national security issue only if U.S. energy production and our economy are destroyed by Climate Cult-directed government regulation, intervention, and prohibitions.

The projected 3mm – look it up – annual rise in Sea Level isn’t an existential threat.

Of course, Army officers have to do what their civilian leadership orders. That doesn’t include lying on official documents.

Search all things USMA and see what blather there is about carbon footprints, savings, etc.

How much of this hysteria, waste, fraud, and abuse is taught in class?

Gender Is Fluid.

During the “purple-rope” week in September when the Corps is indoctrinated on things “Trans”, they should be taught proven biology, psychology, and psychiatry.

Every human has their gender encoded in the DNA of every cell of their body. It never changes. It’s observable, measurable, repeatable biology.

Every human who really thinks they are a gender other than what their biology dictates is mentally ill.

Gender Dysphoria is listed on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). It’s not another group of legally protected persons.

Teaching the science isn’t “Transphobic.”

It’s time to do the harder right instead of teach the easier wrong at West Point.

Ask USMA to show the hour by hour content of its courses.

Share the content of company, class, and Corps-wide instruction, presentations, and lectures.

The truth will return USMA to living up to the Cadet Honor Code.


To preserve, defend, and advocate for West Point's history, purpose, and principles of Duty, Honor, Country.

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