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Update to West Point Cadet Projects

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Update to West Point Cadet Projects

UPDATE to this post: West Point Cadet Projects: Deconstructing Patriotism and Cross-Dressing in the Military

According to the 2019 (page 16) and 2018 online West Point Sociology newsletters (the last time they posted their newsletter), at the beginning of each May, there is “USMA Projects Day” that the Sociology program participates in.

2019 sociology program had these projects or presentations:

    • “Cross-Cultural Lessons From My Time in France”
    • “The Rise of the Nones”
    • “The Role of Black Women in Civil Rights Movement”
    • “Black and Nerdy: Paradoxes of Black Identity”
    • “Making the Choice: A Qualitative Study on Black Female Soldiers in the NCO Corps & Officer Corps
    • “Military Families: Correlations of Military Service Between Parents and Children”
    • “Warrior Caste: Motivations of Military Brats in Service”

The newsletters are themselves revealing in the DEI agenda before the big push in 2020 after the Floyd riots.

While most of the cadets at West Point Projects Day showcased technical, engineering, medical, chemistry, etc projects, the Sociology program focused on cross-dressing in the military, deconstructing patriotism and wondering if their military leaders “get them”.

The ideas for these projects apparently come from cadets. But luckily, the whole day wasn’t woke, except finding that two of the presentations covered woke “Social Emotional Learning”.

Here’s the list of 2024 Projects from the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership, which includes the Sociology program with project presentations in Thayer Hall on 2 May 2024. Scroll down to see the ones that caused such an uproar on social media.

Assessing Cadet Financial Literacy, Presenters: Miller, James A CDT

Decoding Cadet Character: True influencers revealed, Presenters: Carr, Aidan B CDT; Mackenzie, Reina C CDT; Walton, Rhiannon M CDT

Eyes Don’t Lie: Combining Suicide Screening and Physiological Responses, Presenters: Bonzelet, Shayla M CDT

How We Can Use Social-Emotional Learning to Prevent Harmful Behaviors, Presenters: Westwood-Marsh, Lara K CDT; Etzel, Daniela M CDT

NOTE: Background to “Social Emotional Learning (SEL):

From James Lindsay’s New Discourses: Like virtually everything in Woke Marxism, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is sold through lies and deception. The packaging is always pretty. What’s in the box is always a catastrophe. While this rule is consistent across everything Woke, it reaches something of a staggering peak where it comes to SEL. “It’s just about teaching kids to manage their emotions and develop the social skills necessary to succeed in the workplace of the future and to get along with people in a diverse world.” No, it isn’t. In this episode of the New Discourses Podcast, host James Lindsay goes through a recent low-quality article defending Social-Emotional Learning in Iowa after state Senator Sandy Salmon introduced a bill to ban it from the state Department of Education. His purpose is to expose the lies and damned lies constantly used to defend and promote SEL in a real-world example. Join him to see how much these activists leave out of their deceptive sales pitches.

How ‘Socio-Emotional Learning’ Became Another Vehicle For Anti-White Racism In Schools (The Federalist)

The Dark Truth About Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)
We have to talk about Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). It’s not the first time it’s been addressed here on the New Discourses Podcast, but the full picture hasn’t been painted for you yet. Social-Emotional Learning is evil and must be stopped. It isn’t a nice little program to help at-risk kids deal with the difficulties of learning. It’s the central pillar of a nefarious attempt to remake and control society. Host James Lindsay walks you through a number of sources promoting and describing Social-Emotional Learning in unprecedented depth, breadth, and clarity in this long but crucial episode of the podcast. Join him to understand why Social-Emotional Learning and the mechanisms that enable it must be removed from our schools as soon as possible and the people who have implemented it need to be investigated and held accountable.

PRIMER: Social Emotional Learning – The Delivery Mechanism For Critical Race Theory (Center for Renewing America)

Mitigating Negative Peer and Friends Influence on Cadets, Presenters: Xu, Eric T CDT; Erskine, Avery B CDT

Pathways to Positive Behavior: Empowering Change Through Character Development, Presenters: Hupp, Melanie N CDT; Mach, Ivy J CDT

Social Emotional Learning at USMA: Curriculum and screening techniques designed to eradicate harmful behaviors, Presenters: Nickerson, Kai B CDT; Self, Caleb T CDT

Staff and Faculty at West Point: Developing Value Alignment Among Those Who Influence Cadets, Presenters: Prewitt, Devin A CDT; Pitman, Matthew W CDT

Assessing Race And Sex Differences In Comfort & Effectiveness Of Hearing Protection Devices Through An Anthropometric Study, Presenters: Loduca, Samuel V CDT; Mcdaniel, John C CDT; Terry, Christopher R CDT

Cyber Visualization in Mission Planning, Presenters: Li, Aaron X CDT; Horne, Darby L CDT

Effectiveness of a Smart Tourniquet training Tool, Presenters: Mcbride, Jade A CDT; De Frates, Matthew K CDT; Niebish, Madison A CDT

Gripping Success: Exploring the Effect of Gloves on Deadlift Performance, Presenters: Smith, Lindsey R CDT; Sheriff, Dylan R CDT

Impacts of Emotional Intelligence on Cadet Performance, Presenters: Spiker, Audrey N CDT

Increasing Military Situational Awareness Through Sound Localization Training Methods, Presenters: Bender, Sydney I CDT; Ip, Zoe E CDT

MG421 Project Brief: Lowes Companies, Inc., Presenters: Kim, Kayla C CDT; Woodruff, Jacob V CDT; Williams, Daylan J CDT; Darnell, Jason E CDT

MG421 Project Brief: Pfizer, Inc, Presenters: Chien, Christopher W CDT; Miller, James A CDT; Fitzgerald, Justin M CDT

MG421 Project Brief: Yeti Holdings, Inc., Presenters: Peoples, Brianna L CDT; Thomas, Treyton A CDT; Davis, Grayson W CDT

Personality as a Predictor of Military Team Performance, Presenters: Ottley, Richard A CDT

The Use of Eye-Tracking to Assess if Visuospatial Training on a Multiplication Principle Impacts Subsequent Problem-Solving Strategies, Presenters: Direnno, Devon M CDT; Burns, Holden C CDT

Who trusts unreliable AI?, Presenters: Dainty, Samantha A CDT

Building Character through Stress Related Growth, Presenters: Dyke, Cameron J CDT; Konin, Christopher T CDT

Promoting Cadet Resilience, Presenters: Einolf, Tyler W CDT; Naraval, Serena R CDT

Resilience Pathway Project, Presenters: Contogonas, Elias W CDT; Marzittie, Devario J CDT

Resiliency and Cadets, Presenters: Fuhrman, Ethan C CDT; Hatfield, Ellis C CDT; Scamp-Gross, Gavin L CDT

Setting Reasonable Expectations: Reducing Redundancies to Facilitate Time for Better Peer-Subordinate Relationships, Presenters: Bray, Savannah D CDT; Salas, Aysia M CDT; Welch, Tyson A CDT

Values Transformation: The Exploration of Value Linkage to Behavior of West Point Cadets, Presenters: Crandall, Isabel C CDT; Schimack, Sydney E CDT

9:40 AM
MG421 Project Brief: Coca-Cola Co., Presenters: Pichardo, Krystal M CDT; Tene-Kuate, Chelsy Stela CDT; Bartholomay, Lacey H CDT; Mendoza, Enrique D CDT

MG421 Project Brief: Netflix, Inc, Presenters: Butt, William D CDT; Lyons, Dylan T CDT; Liu, Andrew Y CDT

MG421 Project Brief: Target Corporation,  Presenters: Mcgrath, Katherine R CDT; Prudhomme, Jonzell J CDT; Elmore, Leyton P CDT

10:00 AM
Effect of Post Event Information on Memory for Details of a Scene, Presenters: Westwood-Marsh, Lara K CDT

Merging Financial Literacy and Goal Setting, Presenters: Peoples, Brianna L CDT

10:20 AM
MG421 Project Brief: Apple Inc., Presenters: Mcclary, Titus J CDT; Zapata, Jennise N CDT; Amarsanaa, Munkh-Orgil CDT

MG421 Project Brief: Whole Foods Market, Inc,  Presenters: Ries, Grace L CDT; Mavoides, Megan A CDT; Harris, Tyler M CDT

MG421 Project Brief: Yeti Holdings, Inc., Presenters: Croft, Trevor J CDT; Perry, John A CDT; Gilder, John G CDT; Eaton, Jack R CDT

10:30 AM
A Novel Approach to Refusal Skills: Self-Defense at USMA,  Presenters: Roberts, Paul T CDT; Warder, Mary M CDT

Athletic subcultures and organizational culture alignment, Presenters: Ammons, Dylan P CDT; Craig, Colton J CDT

Compelled to Correct: Changing the Culture of Correction, Presenters: Rainey, Jaelin E CDT; Zhelyabin, Artem N CDT

Critique the Framework: Improving WPLDS’ Feedback Mechanisms, Presenters: Brache, Ty J CDT; Perrin, Francis C CDT

The below was listed in the “AOG Showcase“. Would they have realized all the disappointment that Americans felt knowing West Point cadets were “deconstructing patriotism”?

Deconstructing Patriotism: Exploring Postmodernism and US Army Recruitment Amidst the Lack of a National Narrative
Presenters: Hackley, Jordan S CDT; Ragazzini, Kayley J CDT
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Presentation Type: Briefing, Location: Thayer Hall (TH) , TH277

This was listed in the “AOG Showcase“:

Do My Leaders ‘Get’ Me?: Unpacking the Importance of Representation in the Military
Presenters: Lettman, Vanessa S CDT
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Presentation Type: Briefing, Location: Taylor Hall (TH) , TH277

Harder Rights: An Approach to Espoused Values and Behavior Inconsistency, Presenters: Barczak, Samuel CDT

Self-Injury Stand Down Day, Presenters: Bonzelet, Shayla M CDT; Spiker, Audrey N CDT

The below was listed in the “AOG Showcase“. What a firestorm they unleashed among the American public with their project.

Uniformed Perspectives: The Evolution of Cross-Dressing in the Military and Gender Norms
Presenters: Micklovic, Sofia R CDT; Armstrong, Carleigh S CDT; Brennan, Tyler K CDT
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Presentation Type: Briefing, Location: Thayer Hall (TH) , TH277

What Is Refusal? Educating Cadets On Nonverbal Refusal for Sexual Assault and Harassment, Presenters: Rosewicz, Alexandra I CDT; Greenwalt, Kennedy N CDT

11:00 AM
Battalion Command Assessment Program and Personality: Examining Personality as a Predictor of Readiness for Army Battalion Command, Presenters: O’Brien, Taylor C CDT

MG421 Project Brief: Abercrombie & Fitch Co., Presenters: Gorajek, Julia R CDT; Rhode, Brandon L CDT; Mavoides, Morgan J CDT

MG421 Project Brief: MGM Resorts International, Presenters: Brown, Olivia A CDT; Ballato, James E CDT; Healy, Robert R CDT; Mccutcheon, Cole A CDT

MG421 Project Brief: NVIDIA Corporation, Presenters: Landers, Audrey R CDT; Everett, Jackson S CDT; Connors, Alex P CDT; Bannister, Bruce W CDT

12:45 PM
Addressing Hypocrisy Amongst the Corps of Cadets Division I Sports Teams: Understanding How Lapses in Organizational Culture and Integrity Damages Team Cohesion and Readiness, Presenters: Cooper, Madison J CDT; O’Brien, Taylor C CDT

Behind the Grey: How Does West Point Reshape a Cadet’s Identity to Embody the Army Values? Presenters: Kelley, Dante P CDT; Klepfer, Mikayla G CDT; Stoeckle, Nicholas K CDT

Character Development Priorities at West Point, Presenters: Haley, Jonathan P CDT; Kirkham, Micah A CDT

Fortifying Future Leaders by Implementing Evidence-Based Resilience Interventions at USMA, Presenters: Jeong, Jewoong CDT; Riddle, Cameron D CDT; Shehata, Hamza CDT

Professional Identity Formation Within the Branching Process, Presenters: Dennis, Declan M CDT; Doubrava, Chloe M CDT; Ottley, Richard A CDT

The Impact of Gender-Neutral Language on Levels of Rape Myth Acceptance in West Point Cadets, Presenters: Warder, Mary M CDT

Who Am I? Fostering Moral Identity Through Virtues-Based Education, Presenters: King, Hallie E CDT; Richards, Benjamin A CDT

2:00 PM
Assessing Risk in the Military: The Effect of Framing and Outcome Salience on Decision Making, Presenters: Pitman, Matthew W CDT

Grit, Cynicism, Well-Being, and Help-Seeking in the Military, Presenters: Einolf, Tyler W CDT

There were nine projects listed under “SecArmy Objectives – Resilient in Face of Climate Change“, including “The Influence of Speed Control Stop Signs on Climate Change”.

Luckily most projects listed here,, were scientific, rather than pseudo-science.


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