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West Point Cadet Projects: Deconstructing Patriotism and Cross-Dressing in the Military

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West Point Cadet Projects: Deconstructing Patriotism and Cross-Dressing in the Military

Former Virginia Congressman and Navy Seal Scott Taylor tweeted a photo of a list of classes he said are being taught at West Point, and his tweet is going viral:

The classes, lectures, seminars (?) are:

Deconstructing Patriotism: Exploring Postmodernism and US Army Recruitment Amidst the Lack of a National Narrative
Uniformed Perspectives: The Evolution of Cross-Dressing in the Military and Gender Norms
Do My Leaders ‘Get’ Me?: Unpacking the Importance of Representation in the Military
Harder Rights: An Approach to Espoused Values and Behavior Inconsistency

What in the world??! Is this a warfighting military academy or a woke liberal arts college?

The top part of the image where the words are cut off appears to read “Project Name”. We don’t know if this is related, but West Point just held its annual “Projects Day Research Symposium”. (Article | Photos)

At the bottom of this graphic lists West Point Professor Morten Ender as the Point of Contact. His biography page on the West Point website states he is a Professor of Sociology and the Co-Chair of West Point’s Diversity & Inclusion Studies Minor.

See this post on our website about West Point’s Sociology Department.

His page lists the courses he’s taught:
  • Military Families – (Graduate Course)
  • Advanced Analytic Methods – (Graduate Course)
  • [mks_highlight color=”#eded7d”]The Sociology of the Self Concept – (Graduate Course)[/mks_highlight]
  • Organizational Culture & Socialization – (Graduate Course)
  • [mks_highlight color=”#eded7d”]Intercollegiate Seminar on Inequality [/mks_highlight]
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • German Life and Culture
  • Marriage and the Family
  • Sociological Theory
  • [mks_highlight color=”#eded7d”]Social Inequality[/mks_highlight]
  • [mks_highlight color=”#eded7d”]Race, Class, Gender, & Ethnicity[/mks_highlight]
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Armed Forces and Society
  • Capstone Course – Colloquium in Sociology
  • Independent Study – Sociology, Psychology, and Leadership
  • Cinematic Images of War and the Military
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Introduction to Contemporary Social Problems
  • Social Psychology
  • The Family
  • [mks_highlight color=”#eded7d”]Deviance & Social Control[/mks_highlight]
  • [mks_highlight color=”#eded7d”]Deviant Behavior[/mks_highlight]
  • The Sociology of Death and Dying
  • Military Sociology
  • Readings in Sociology
  • Family Violence

Professor Ender is also the author of an academic published paper (written while at West Point) entitled, “Dinner and a Conversation: Transgender Integration at West Point and Beyond.”


In 2016, the United States military lifted the ban on transgender members serving and are expected to begin accessions of transgender service members in 2017. A paucity of research exists on transgender matters in the military, especially on attitudes towards cisgender service members. This study deploys a qualitative methodology, comprised of 21 focus groups of undergraduate cadets and advanced schooled Army officers (N = 110), at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, using a semi-structured interview protocol.

Overall, a diversity of experiences and familiarity with transgender people surfaced among cadets and officers. We distinguish between experiences and familiarity on a spectrum by introducing notions of transgender tourism and cosmopolitanism. Major concerns associated with (un)comfortableness emerged from the focus groups including privacy, physical standards, well-being, and costs. Interventions are offered by the participants based on their major concerns. We recommend education, increased cosmopolitism, privacy considerations, narrowing the civil-military propinquity (the state of being close to someone or something; proximity) gap, and more studies of diversity and inclusion issues in the military.

Ender is also a main editor of the book, “Inclusion in the American Military: A Force for Diversity,” which states

“The goal of this book is to provide an overview of the ways in which diversity has been addressed in the military by providing information about particular forms of diversity including race, ethnicity, religion, gender, and sexuality.”

Gateway Pundit, a news site that receives over six million views per day, published this article: US Military Academy Introduces Woke Curriculum with Courses on Deconstructing Patriotism, Cross-Dressing in the Military, Gender Norms, and Representation in the Ranks. The comment section on this article and on Twitter show Americans are beyond angry that West Point is teaching topics like this.

These “projects “have no business being presented, covered or researched at an American warfighter military academy.

The Department head is COL Everett S. P. Spain, US Army. Contact him to ask why taxpayers should pay for a civilian professor to promote such topics unbefitting to an American military academy.

What the People Are Saying

Comments from articles and tweets

“Oh how far my Alma mater has fallen.”

“Those topics are doing nothing for the preparedness of our military. I never ran across anything even close to this wasteful during my time there.”

“I had hoped my son might apply to West Point. This is the nail in the coffin of that idea. Diversity and Inclusion Studies? Really? At the United States Military Academy?”

“My kid (AF Brat) keeps getting contacted by @WestPoint_USMA because her scored an awesome ACT. I’ll be showing her this tweet to solidify her decision to pursue her education and flight training outside of the military.”

“DEFUND the US Military Academy until such a time as they see Patriotism as a asset, not a hindrance to a well maintained ready military. The rest detracts from the main objective of the Academy, to ready military LEADERS.”

“West Point has gone from an institution of higher learning and military leadership training to a woke joke. Sad, and possibly deadly for those who have to serve under any future graduates in combat.”

“@WestPoint_USMA also offers an academic minor in Diversity and Inclusion Studies. A far cry from when I taught there.”

“While recruitment is already way down, as these West Point cadets graduate, and bring their woke indoctrination with them to their various commands, you’ll see retention rates drop drastically, even more so than seen currently. A friend I served with, an O-6 (colonel), took an early retirement, despite outstanding Officer Evaluation Reviews resulting in early promotions, due to pervasive Army wide wokeism.”

“USMA has lost its reason to exist with this nonsense.”

“I stopped sending them any alum donations a few years ago when they had a big cheating scandal and the diversity Superintendent took no action so the football players that got caught could play in the Army Navy Game. Then under the same Supe there were cadets ODing on heroin. Somewhere in there was the cadet with the Che Guevera T shirt incident. Now all this woke and diversity crap solidifies my decision. Duty, Honor and Country is no more and is replaced by Diversity, Hedonism, and Communism.”

“RIP West Point exceptionalism.”

“I graduated from this institution many years ago. I say burn it to the ground, plough it under, and salt the earth where it once stood.”

“WTF has happened to WP. What used to be a bastion of strength and integrity is now an insane asylum.”

“Is someone at USMA able to explain how these courses improve combat effectiveness, build cohesion or increase force multiplication? We The People are waiting to hear how race baiting and sowing division develops lethal warriors. In any case, Congress is equally culpable by failing to fulfill its oversight responsibility and funding this degenerate agenda. There’s still time to change course.”

“My respect for future West Point graduates just sank into the single digits.”

“Sadly, nobody is putting a stop to this nonsense. I fear that we will have to lose soldiers before the military education system is repaired.”

“No wonder the military is having problems recruiting. Our future military leaders are being forced to swallow WOKEISM rather than the leadership focusing on national security and defense. They put down patriotism for social ideologies. Disgusting for those of us who served.”

“As a long-serving vet, I am embarrassed of our current military “leadership.””

“”Deconstructing patriots” from the very people who are supposed to be stalwart patriots to defend our nation.”

“Without patriotism, what is the purpose and scope of having a military?”

“This is why I discouraged my sons from joining. Pains me to do that after serving in the Marines.”

“Army here. I talked my youngest daughter out of joining the Airforce. Sad as all get out, what has become of America.”

“We’re looking at the deliberate destruction of the US Military and it’s decline into madness, all militaries throughout history thrive on a strict code of conduct that unifies it’s fighting force, this weakens the military and destroys unity….whoever is doing this is the enemy of America for sure.”


““Our” soldiers are leaving in droves after only a few years. 3 nephews and 8 family cousins leaving after college paid off for their service.”

“”Deconstructing Patriotism”… Is an obvious ploy to destroy the American military. To make it incapable of defending America. Those in the military have the implicit contract of being willing to lay down their lives if necessary to preserve the nation they serve. Denigrate the nobility of that cause in the minds of military personnel and that destructive goal is achieved. These are the “domestic enemies” spoken of in their sworn oath of allegiance. Those supporting these programs are traitors, plain and simple.”

“Definitely not the military that we served in, this is a willful destruction of our military from within.”

“That is exactly the goal of the socialist left. They are not trying to change America, they working to destroy America as we know it.”

“This is why my USNA husband throws alumni mail straight to the trash. No more donations.”

“If I were a young man now, no way would I want to associate with the military – the Democrats are turning it into a bunch of losers whose ability to conduct a war is secondary to selecting their crossing dressing outfit of the the day.”

“I live near a U.S. Military base and as a Vet I can state unequivocally that standards are going down, down, and even further down in a death spiral like I’ve never seen in my 78 years and counting. Even the main gate sentries are ridiculous and wouldn’t last a week in earlier times. They are shorter, fat, visibly out of shape, and completely clueless when asked even a simple question — like “why is the Flag flying at 1/2 mast today?? The answer: you are greeted with is a blank stare and “I don’t know, Sir … ” Pathetic .. disgraceful … I don’t think we could “win” against the Salvation Army these days … let alone a real enemy.”

“It’s blatantly obvious, The United States Military Academy at West Point has been hijacked by infiltrated enemies within.”

“Anything that does not improve mission readiness is a waste of soldier’s time and our money.”

“Tell us again how cultural marxism & all its divisive, toxic “identity” ideology hasn’t infiltrated the institutions of the US sphere nations.”

“No small wonder no one wants to enlist.”

“This needs to be cut out of our military and culture like the Marxist cancer it is! Our society cannot survive being undercut by this insanity.”

“I’m in Air War College as of this writing and so far the curriculum has been free of overt wokeness. The material is rightly focused on transitioning us from senior leaders to strategic leaders. This does not happen without a degree of mental pain.
With this said, our new military members are the most woke we have ever had in history. I freely admit they are difficult to lead. I don’t care about their pronouns, their sexuality, or their feelings. I want men who can think, lead, and fly. When Donald Trump returns as Commander in Chief it will be guys like me who will be left to clean up the excreta left by Mark Milley, etc. The United States has not won a single war during my career which began in 1992. The last thing we ever won was DESERT STORM.”

“”Deconstructing patriotism” is the absolute LAST thing our military should be learning. What cause are you going to get them to sign up for, fight and die for, if not love of country?”

“The military is a place to set aside differences and “identities” and function together as one… This Marxist horror-show produces the exact opposite!”

“As a veteran this disgusts me to no end.”

“This is how you destroy your military. When you teach your army to not be patriotic, you are creating an army that goes awol during times of necessity.”

“I’m an old school Navy Chief and retired back in 1997 after serving for 22 years. The reason I never made the next higher rank of Senior Chief is because I didn’t give a damn what your rank was, if you were a screw up you were going to hear about it from me. Now it looks like the whole damn system has lost it’s mind. I have two grandsons on active duty now. I’m sure they do NOT like being forced to “train” on DEI crap. In reality is is treason and blatant sedition being committed in plain sight. I would not last a day in the military now. As the former top gun EP3 aircraft fleet instructor flight engineer and I did not tolerate lack of proper military bearing. There is a reason for it and ignoring military bearing weakens the ranks leadership structure immensely. In the heat of combat nobody will give a sh_t about DEI training.”

“My grandson graduated college and wanted to go into the military (we were a military family). We begged him not to do it because it is not the same military my son and husband went into and were proud to do so. He became a fireman.”

“Precisely what we told our grandson. He decided we were correct.”

“Yep. I talked my 18 year old high school graduating nephew out of it. His parents were against it, but he needed extra reinforcement. He wanted to go to college ROTC and join the USAF as a pilot. He already is in private pilot training but plans on just going into commercial aviation as a career.”

“I really hate what they have done to our military with all this woke DIE crap. Damn them all to hell.”

“Remove the military academy from tax payer funding immediately.”

“So embarrassing and disrespectful to the millions who served for Honor of country. These pos are so disgusting. We are the laughing stock of the world.”

“No patriotic Alpha male wants to be a part of that shjt.”

“All of this Cultural LGBT crap is just one of several vehicles being used to drive their agenda to “fundamentally transform America” into a Communist country. It’s being mandated into our military on purpose… To destroy it from within. It is more preferable than an all out kinetic war… Sun Tzu. Communist China knows it will destroy us and our military which is why they don’t permit it in their country. They call these “woke” people ‘baizuo’ — The rough translation of the mandarin is ‘white Liberal’… People who have no sense of real world problems, who get sucked into this “wokeness” only to satisfy their own feelings of moral superiority (Virtue signaling). This is Communist cultural subversion.”

“What percent of Americans want this in our military?”

“Deconstructing Patriotism. My God how our military has fallen.”

“They should apologize to every veteran that fought and died for this country. What an embarrassment.”

“Our founders are rolling over in their graves…..After all the blood spilt, the lives lost, the personal sacrifices made. To have it all come to this is the worst abomination a nation could do to itself. I weep.”

“Our best and finest attend the Military academies. This pap is what is being taught and they are forced to take these courses? Sorry, time to get rid of the garbage and make them soldiers.”

“Do not let your children join the military until adults are back in charge. If ever.”

“Oh no, West Point is practicing Postmodernism? That means anti-American sentiments are infiltrating our future military leaders, the very armor and weapons of our country.”

“The US Military has become a JOKE. It’s primary mission to be ‘Combat Ready’ has changed into being nothing more than a ‘social experiment’ and social worker for the world.”

“Sometimes it seems that the administrators in our military are from China, Russia, Iran, or North Korea.”


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